Be useful for others

When I was a kid and learned at boarding school, we were all taught about being a useful human being. We were taught about how to be the best man in this life. It is said that the best of humans is the most useful for other humans.

Our life will be meaningful and useful if it becomes a means to help others, to be beneficial for others. That was a long time ago when I was a kid studying at boarding school.


Photo by Matthew Smith on Unsplash

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Why You Should Work Honestly and Responsibly

We often heard that work must be honest and responsible because if you work without honesty and do your job responsibly, the effect will cause the damage both for yourself or to the team. Honest means that there is no fraud and lies such as data manipulation and other things that are not in accordance with the facts of the field while being responsible means that the work must be completed and done on time.

I sometimes get annoyed to see people who work dishonestly. I myself am not the most honest person in the world, but at least I try to remain honest in my work. I am sure that there is a measure of each, the most important thing is work honestly and the best you can do.

One more thing that I don’t like is people who work haphazardly and irresponsibly, because the impact will eventually be on us, just because of one person in the team whose work is not serious and irresponsible, finally the other person in the team who has to cover up and finish the job, that’s called teamwork, but if one is not responsible for the work, what can we do?

That’s how working in a team should be, working together to achieve a common goal, if there is one person or element who is negligent and irresponsible, then the chain effect will result in failure.

The world of work is very much influenced by how honest and responsible it is because these two traits will be the way to create new opportunities.