Be useful for others

When I was a kid and learned at boarding school, we were all taught about being a useful human being. We were taught about how to be the best man in this life. It is said that the best of humans is the most useful for other humans.

Our life will be meaningful and useful if it becomes a means to help others, to be beneficial for others. That was a long time ago when I was a kid studying at boarding school.


Photo by Matthew Smith on Unsplash

As we get older, things that are overtaken also increase, the routines expand and many things that are considered necessary, things that really have to be done to survive and to keep our life and self-esteem about matters of work for yourself.

Working back then is different from now. Once work was a game that was enjoyed every second, the teacher’s advice about being the best and beneficial for others was a target that must be done with pleasure. Now, work is about fulfilling basic needs, whether it is food, clothing, and shelter, or also the need for assessment from other people if we are great. Yes right, judgment.

People now are more concerned with working for themselves, it’s up to you what do want to do in this life as long as not disturbing others, what matters is that all are fulfilled and they are happy, very selfish right?

The impact is working for yourself, being selfish and lack of empathy. Life is nothing more than just working to make money, marrying the girl your love, give birth and have a family. There is nothing really wrong with working, getting married and having offspring, but it is wrong if it is only limited to oneself. A life that only cares about your self is a life that is not worth celebrating.

Back to remember childhood advice about the best of life. A good life is if we become part of the solution and benefit others, not become a problem and burden for others. This kind of life must be celebrated grandly. Sharing, being useful, doesn’t measure everything from the material.

This writing is actually just a form of self-reflection about the journey of life so far, sometimes we forget and reflection makes us remember the purpose and nature of life again. Live your life and be useful.